Celebration fees (includes lunch and dinner)

Whole Celebration $250

or: Friday: $35 ? Saturday $100 ? Sunday $80 ? Monday $60


Accommodation is separate from the Celebration fees. Only people booking for the full celebration may stay onsite.

Accommodation fees (all fees are per person):

$95.00 -? camping (bring your own gear)
$155.00 -? onsite caravan (shared bathrooms with dormitory rooms)
$180.00 – single room in lounge (not private)
$145.00 – four person male/female dorm room (bunk beds)
$225.00 – double room or twin room
$290.00 -? single room

Bookings must be accompanied by a minimum 25% non-refundable non-transferable deposit.


All meals provided for people booking for full celebration and staying on site.? Lunch and dinner will be provided for people staying offsite for the days they are attending the Celebration.