White Tara Empowerment & The Healing Power of Meditation
with Gen Kelsang Rabten
22 – 25 April, 2022

Post Celebration Retreat
26 – 27 April, 2022

White Tara is a female enlightened being who helps us ‘as swiftly as the wind moves’. Her function is to bestow long life, wisdom and good fortune. It is said that those who rely upon her are protected from danger and disease.

At the 2022 New Zealand Dharma Celebration, the NKT National Spiritual Director for New Zealand, Gen Kelsang Rabten, will grant the blessing empowerment of White Tara. Take a break from ordinary appearances and be guided on a meditative journey to the enlightened world of White Tara.

Gen Rabten will then explain how to heal the body and mind through developing deep inner peace by relying upon the healing power of meditation.


“In particular, to liberate all living beings from the cycle of contaminated rebirth, samsara, I will accomplish as quickly as possible a Buddha’s enlightenment. For this purpose I will engage in the practice of Venerable White Tara.”

The Yoga of White Tara, Buddha of Long Life